Aug 13, 2008


1. Six people to tag

i. the one who is reading this...
ii. nai
iii. small fish
iv. dominic
v. sam
vi. everyone that still continue reading...

2. Six things I'm passionate about.

i. art relates
ii. music
iii. eat
iv. chatting
v. movies and drama
vi. shopping

3. Six things I say too often.

i. oo
ii. ok
iii. ceh
iv. alrite
v. fuck
vi. har...

4. Six books I've read recently.

i. I
ii. Didn't
iii. read
iv. any
v. books

5.Six songs I can listen to again and again recently.

i. 愛了-sowhat
ii. 上海一九四三 - jay chou
iii. 岁月如歌 - Eason
iv. can't smile without you-BarryManilow
v. always - bonjovi
vi. the secret soundtrack - the secret by jaychou

6. Six things I learnt in this year.

i. passionate
ii. observe deeper for my life
iii. manage time
iv. website
v. not to believe people easily
vi. trust is better than suspect....

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