Oct 7, 2008

Night Gizwiz Farewell BBQ | 07:00

A wonderful bbq nite with all gizwiz species. It's a farewell party for the programmers. They need to back KL TARC to continue their study dy. All the happy moment past really fast. they training for 5 months d, but its like 1 seconds close and open eyes. Wish them good luck ya! miss them alot...miss chuah repeat play SHE song, miss kok how emoing, miss tinkai mc-ing, miss steven...nothing...haha....All the best!

chuah finish all the beef...haha...he very unlucky...

clara, apple and etee....

artistic photo by bigappledonutz...

jasmine and andrew..sweet~

tis 1 also sweet, cook together~

group photo~

miku and milu sor~

me and the japanese, chen min

missss the chicken .....

keng r~cook also can sleep~*****

manager of 5 star***** hotel, mr. tee

ah min cook beef for chuah~oni chuah can eat!

ewejin bz for big business....

with tinkai the burger chef~

cook chicken for me~

ah min bake cornny~

manager teach tinkai the chef how to cook ~

Is my pleasure can take pic with "The worst cook Ever".haha...

the worst cook ever

blind up ur eye, find ur parents, wakakaka..

we are the next top model...wakakaka...

jasmin explained the game rules

team 2

team 1

team 3

me and kok how~

im xiao poh~

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