Feb 15, 2009

Happy Valentines

Its my handmade Valentines greeting card for him again! The envelope design.
hmm...i think it's the 12th card I create for him dy this time. heeee...

The front of the card.

I cut it out myself. And simply design a bit, hehe

The design and some text inside.

It's my present for him. haha...

I bought it for him before he go and get it himself. When the weather is hot, the leaf will get crazy, wave faster up and down, when the weather is warm and a bit sunlight, it will be normal and wave equally. haha...what a weird solar energy toy!

This is my present from him, Jacky Cheung 07 dvd concert. Actually I wanna get it by next month, but he bought it early for me. Thanks my dear~

Happy Valentines

Not a special Valentines but is happy together with him for 4 years coming...

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