Feb 18, 2009

E&O Buffet Dinner

We have our CNY buffet dinner at E&O Hotel. The environment and interior inside is like old style kopitiam, feel heritage. A lot of food waiting for us, haha. The food is more on Asian cuisine, and included japanese food, sashimi, favourite of us. We non-stop eating and it's really full. I love the dessert, especially the cheese cake, yummy! the char koay teow was nice too. Overall, it's tasty la! Erm, for their comment, they said it's ok nia. Anyway, we are enjoy our dinner well and it just cost $52 each person!

the chef was buzy cooking...

the dessert area

those seafood!

food is all around!

just take as more as we can, haha!


dear and ah kong

kong and christine

milky have her salmon and cheese sausage

she was enjoy eating~

kong non-stop eating..

dear, keat and kong

we 3 again! yummmm..y


beng with his sexy post..haha!


sexy babeh chrsitine!

me n dear..

-the end-

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Luminata said...

Looks so nice! :)