Mar 22, 2009

Barcadi Apple Nite

one of the night we having fun at soi11 again..not really fun that nite, but most of us are so happening. I lost my hp, i think is the most happening of me...Nai fall down and break the glass and hurt her leg, vomiting and continue sleep till the next morning!! Disgusting!!! Christine, disappeared on tat nite, what story huh?! haha, can"t tell here, keep it secret!

give him a kiss, yeah~

3 of us behind just kelefeh...hehe

C and ej, ej steam face...

beng & nai, the most enjoyable girl that nite, haha!

my stupid face~

C and sarah~

beng : cheers!!

get high!!yeah~

me, andrew n nai....

4 of the boring guy tat nite!

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