Apr 9, 2009

Lunch at Smoky Jack | 310309

Today we having our lunch at Smoky Jack, Upper Penang Road. It's my birthday lunch from Andrew and Jasmine. :)

The Restaurant full of branches..

zoom in~

It's cool!

The ambiance was really cool, is like step into another space, haha...alien's space

the view from our table

the menu



Starter served with buns...

yummy yummy~

Mushroom soup, taste very nice!

The salad ordered by Jasmine&Ewejin

Dingren smile so happy

dingren's bbq chicken~tasty!

andrew's pork ribs

jasmine's Salmon, she said not enough sauce~

ewejin's Cordon Bleu, taste good!

apple's baked cheesy rice..her favourite~

my cheesy pasta~taste not bad, but can't finish all...hehe...

last, serve with dessert~

happy birthday!

It's worth to having lunch at Smoky Jack, price reasonable, food taste good & special interior designs. Not forgot to mention about the toilet designs, it's really fantastic!!! It's like entering another unknown room and we have to find a way out from the trap, haha....i know is unbelievable and dramatics, but it's really cool I can said about it!!:)

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