Jul 30, 2009

To the Krazie

ps : I know you don't know chinese words, that's the reason i write in english. :)

It's too sudden to know that my colleague, the krazie ewejin going to resign and headed to other company. When the time he announce that he's going to leave soon, honestly, i'm really sad and down.

About the krazie designer, he had the same surname with me, Tee. I've been working together with him in GizwizStudio for 1 year and a half. He is a good leader and willing to teach me whatever his knowledge with his patience. He is the funnymaker of everyone in every moment, so after he leave, i think the office will become silents for some times, haha...He is good in design skills, not trying to promote him, but he is really a professional designer.

Of course, he is bad sometimes. He is a conman, he love to con ppl, haha...He will only surrender when we talk about his small small eye, hahaha...He likes to make ppl angry too, especially apple...

Today is his last day working with us..I will miss the day we work together, the time we travel to HongKong, the moment we having fun and miss the period we enjoying the Ministry of Sound radio! Thank you for taught me so many things, and thanks for your help when you are busy with your things, you are the best and feel so glad to know you!

ps : don't forget "The Ship" :)

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