Aug 29, 2009

My words

A good day begins....yeah...

It's been long time never really sit down and blog for my life. hectic with my recent days...Now a bit lazy to blog compare to last time. hmm...long time never hang out with you guys dy, christine and milky...hope you guys will me miss, wahahaha...long time didn't really eat my mom's cook dy, but it still very nice taste and ever. long time never really stay with my dear for some times dy, thanks for understanding :)...

Thanks for those who give me the chance to learn, I just can said I'm really good luck all the time. I'm not from rich family, but I have a happy family. When still studying in primary school, I study in the best class, I get few awards such as writing competition, chinese calligraphy competition, drawing competition. Still remember a year when I went for a nation computer drawing competition when I'm in standard six, my dad thought I just play around and wont get any award, but I won a big trophy and a radio, my dad was get shock too. I know my dad is proud of me, that is why I always think to not let him worry about me and wont let him disappointed. When secondary school, I get into a good school, although I'm not feel good too, haha. He knows I want to further study with art, how hard he is, but he still let me study in a very expensive college. Start from the day I get in to the college, I told myself not to waste his money and study hard to prove it. Yea, I make it. I make him proud another more time. After graduate. I get into a good company. I learn a lot. I have a good boss and good colleagues. I get to go Hong Kong for my company trip which is my dream too. And now, I told my dad any good news from me, I can feel he is smiling through his heart. I really makes him proud.

For these 22 years, I never request for anything but I get for everything. I just can said I'm so lucky. Don't complain too much, this is my quote for everyone. Never have a negative thought and you will get a positive result. :)

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