Aug 20, 2009


Just having a great movie today with giziwz colleagues. UP, a very interesting story and it's worth to watch in 3D. The story is about a 78-year-old Carl Fredricksen meet a girl, Ellie. They have the same dreams which is to go Lost Land in South America. But Ellie can't wait for the day to fulfill their dreams, she pass away when she was 70 yrs old.

The climax of the movie is Carl Fredricksen tying up thousands of balloon on his home and make his unbelievable journey to his dream land. He meet up the small little guy, Russell. They encounter lots of barking dogs and the extinct rare bird along the journey. They built up their relationship and have a memorable adventure in their path.

The animation is really cool. It was touching and makes me feel wanna cry in some of the scenes. All the stuff are detail. Love the characters, the old man and the fat little boy. Nice 3D animation!

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