Nov 1, 2009

Love Bali Sept 09

1st of all, please visit . I promised to link his blog so that is easier and clear for everyone to know more about Bali. I will only show photos. Let's the photos tell the story! haha...

On the way to Bali..

Having 1st dinner at Onde-Onde restaurant!

The menu...

The view at Holiday Inn Hotel

our shadow..

The beach behind Holiday Inn and 3 of us..

The beautiful seaside..

miss out Andrew...he was on the way to Bali..hehe

me, apple and pupu at Bali..

Finally, Andrew reach Bali...

so cold...

so sweet...haha..

and so high!

Cultural Park

Photos with the models at Cultural Park

A huge hand, this hand actually belongs to the statue above

The nice view at Uluwatu

This is call sea lar...still can sea the rocks from far far away, and the blue and green effects of the water....really nice!!

Apple and another fatty pupu...

It's fatty monkey, not pregnant..haha

The sweet background of Jasmine and Andrew

Our seafood dinner at ....fgt the place...haha

Day 4, Tirta Empul Water Temple

This is pupu again....he has nice fur...

Behind with Rice Terraces

Reach Ubud Art Market

That's all for my presentation. Last but not lease, I love the Trip, I love the natural feel we together, I love the relationship between us is getting closer, I love the experience...Thanks everyone...hehe...

ps : For more informations, pls refer to chuahft blog...thx

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