Dec 27, 2009

Not too late, Halloween!

The Punishment..

The Climax
The Winner

The Loser

The Fans and the Celebrities...haha

Mayyen the host with us

All the scary clown, puppet, killer and pirate...

"Don't vote me" sign

all the ladies..


All the contestants..

The Grand Performance

Contestant no.8 - Fong Teng, the Sexy Princess by Esther

Contestant no.7 - Andrew, The Killer by Kenneth

Contestant no.6 - Esther, The Scary Ship Women by Andrew

Contestant no.5 - Ding Ren, The Evil Witch by Shue Ping

Contestant no.4 - Jasmine, the Axe Women by Fong Teng

Contestant no.3 - Yeeping , the BunnyGirl by Jasmine

Contestant no.2 - Shue Ping, the Scary Puppert by Yeeping

Contestant no.1 - Kenneth, the Crazy Clown by Ding Ren

Preparing before the Show!




Decorations by Designers and Programmer..

Food from everywhere...


brain's jelly

All the Contestants and the Professional MakeUp Artist..

Kenneth the scary clown!

Apple with lovely smile

Esther looks like begger..haha

Ding Ren with Opera makeup

my lovely VW samba

Andrew the Killer..

Fong Teng the sexy princess..

Jasmine with sweet smile..


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