Aug 3, 2008

Who is The CEO of the Nitez | 310708 (part 1)

island supervisor~

me and pauline~

me and ling ling~

daniel, haniff, ghee and fizzi~

elaine and nicole~

velyn and me~

ghee and carlos~

sean and me~

me and darren~

nonie, ila and aishah~

elaine and shienny~


Its a crazy night, organized by MNG, Naf Naf, CK Jeans and Nike. The title for the event is "Who is The CEO", held at QE2. Everyone are well prepared and really enjoying the party. Some looks elegant, some are noble, some are simple yet pretty, some are too over, and some are out of title too, haha. I'm just having fun there but not participate in their competition, so im just follow the title with just wearing a formal suit but not look like a CEO, im just normal "staff", haha....