Nov 2, 2008

Halloween party at FAME

We went to FAME celebrated Halloween. Erm, actually im not sure what's Halloween means, just know some people will dress up very funny and make up like ghost celebrate this special day! There are a lot ppl make up very crazy and bold, have a team dress up like china king and queen, some make up very obvious, act lesbian ghost, all the workers also make up full of scars on their face. And a very important thing is, we saw a HK actor, Bosco Wong (黃宗澤). He dress up normal, with cap, smoking on VIP sit at upstairs. We are not allow to capture with him, so upsad ler...

too far to capture those participants on the stage, the china king and queen ghost performed on the stage, their make up and dressing really great and outstanding!

me and the ghost milk~

group photo!

the joker...

christine and her kangtao...haha..

milk wan act sexy, haha!

another ghost, the worker in FAME

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